Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Chalenge

As a member of the Modern Quilt Guild, I took part in the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge. We were given 5 fat eights of fabric and were to make a quilted item. I of course sketched and sketched coming up with several different ideas but just never made a decision. FINALLY, as time is running short I make my choice. With a few added Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solids I was off. I wanted to do something with petals, I purchased some panels of Quiltsmart petals and started sewing. I tried a few layouts and finally decided I liked the chrysanthemum look. Of course I decide to sew all my petals down by hand because it will look better. Well it did, but it added more time to my already behind project. I do like the way they look when they are hand sewn down. Top finished. Now to get it loaded on the longarm and get it quilted. Finished quilting the background and was going to echo in the petals but I didn't like the way it looked. A little removing of some stitches and I was off to another background fill in the petals. Worked on the binding at my guild meeting. So excited to come home, hang the quilt and take some pictures, then...thunder and lightening and rain. Grrrr. This has been a challenge! But finally, I have pictures. I can't wait to get this guilt on the bed in the guest bedroom.


  1. I can't bear to do anything by hand, so I really appreciate the time and effort it took to get all of those petals done. Wow! How big is the quilt and the petal part of it?

    1. The quilt is 82 x 87. The flower is 32" x 32"

  2. It's lovely and will look wonderful on a bed. Grey was a great choice for the background.