Thursday, July 24, 2014

Quiltspiration 365

As part of the Late Night Quilters, a facebook group, several of us have put together blog postings called Quiltspiration 365. We would like to share what inspires us and hopefully, inspire you.
Every day we see things that inspire us. For me it is the beach. I love all kinds of beaches and find the tranquil waters to be soothing, colorful and fun to explore. From the tropics to rocky beaches there is always something new to see. I am happiest when I am walking the beaches.

These pics are from our trip to the Grand Caymans where we visited such beautiful beaches. I hope that you find inspiration from these photos and can use them to help you create.
Please stop by and visit the other blog in Quiltspiration 365.
Saturday 7/26/14 check out

Monday, July 21, 2014

Super Nova Swap

I just received my month two block from Kymberly! So gorgeous! I am so happy with the way this swap is going! I mentioned to Kymberly that I will be away for some of August so she surprised me with her month 3 block as well. It is so cool to lay them out and see it all coming together. Thanks Kymberly. Month 3 will be on its way to you before I go.
Month 2 block
Month 3 block.
All the blocks to date laid out. Loving it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Month 2 of Super Nova Swap

Here is my Month Two of the Super Nova Block Swap. I am really enjoying the swap. It is a challenge to get the color combinations to something I really like. Not that I haven't already chosen my fabrics it is the combination of six fabrics from the collection of fabrics so that I can get each block to look different enough. I think I am just being too fussy. All the combinations I choose look good but I feel it is getting too green when the plan was to do turquoise. I just need to limit the greens (one of my favorite colors) in each block and increase the blues/turquoise. This months block definitely reflects the turquoise.

Modern Quilt Guild Fabric Chalenge

As a member of the Modern Quilt Guild, I took part in the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge. We were given 5 fat eights of fabric and were to make a quilted item. I of course sketched and sketched coming up with several different ideas but just never made a decision. FINALLY, as time is running short I make my choice. With a few added Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solids I was off. I wanted to do something with petals, I purchased some panels of Quiltsmart petals and started sewing. I tried a few layouts and finally decided I liked the chrysanthemum look. Of course I decide to sew all my petals down by hand because it will look better. Well it did, but it added more time to my already behind project. I do like the way they look when they are hand sewn down. Top finished. Now to get it loaded on the longarm and get it quilted. Finished quilting the background and was going to echo in the petals but I didn't like the way it looked. A little removing of some stitches and I was off to another background fill in the petals. Worked on the binding at my guild meeting. So excited to come home, hang the quilt and take some pictures, then...thunder and lightening and rain. Grrrr. This has been a challenge! But finally, I have pictures. I can't wait to get this guilt on the bed in the guest bedroom.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July Hexie BOM

Finished my July Hexie Block of the month. I love sherbet so that is what is on my cone. Yum!