Friday, June 27, 2014

Adorable wallhanging for the sewing room

I just made the most adorable wallhanging for my sewing room. This pattern from Sew Fresh Quilts was a fun project to put together. I hink my favorite block in this pattern has to be the iron. I hate to iron but this block is just too cute. Lorna did a great job with this pattern. Directions are clear, well, clear if you follow them. I actually made my spool blocks a little larger by mistake so I added a strip to my sewing machine and iron blocks to make them all the same size. I really should not be sewing at 3am. :0) When I looked again at the directions I don't know why I made the spools larger, it says they should only have 5 colored strips in each spool. Clearly I am just use to sewing with the bigger spools. Thanks Lorna for a great project for my sewing room.