Friday, August 22, 2014

Quiltspiration 365

Color is my inspiration this week. It is found all around us, but no where is it as vibrant as it is in nature. The flowers are so bright and beautiful. Some are just amazing shapes,so delicate yet strong and sturdy. I hope you enjoy my quiltspiration 365 photos this week and are able to be inspired by them.

Such vibrant colors. The softness of the petals,the dew drops on the petals all give me inspiration.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Quiltspiration 365

We find inspiration in so many things around us each day. We don't have to make exactly what we see, we could be inspired by the color of an object, the shape, or just suddenly get an idea all because of something we see. Last weekend, my husband and I were in Annapolis, MD for Artsfest. So many vendors with all kinds of creative items. We enjoyed checking out all the vendors and walking around the downtown. It was on this walk that we came across these chicks. Each was decorated differently, so cute and creative. That is the inspiration I want to share with you this week. Does it inspire you?
The creativity put into these chicks was very inspiring to me. I hope you find it inspiring too.
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