Friday, July 26, 2013

Week of finishes

So many times I start a project only to get distracted by another project, a class sample, a customer quilt that needs quilting, but not this week. I made great progress on my UFOs. Such a feeling of accomplishment. As I look at these projects it is just crazy that I didn't just finish some at the time. One just needed a label... done.
The question is how long will it take me to get it mailed off to it's recipients... not the point, the project is done. Then, there is the class sample that never got quilted... done.
Or the magazine that has sat in my living room opened to the pattern of a quilt I want to make. I keep looking at it and putting it on the top of the pile so that I don't forget it... Done!
Now don't think that my UFOs are all done now. There is a nice big bin under my cutting table with projects that need my attention and a pile of them in my fabric closet. But that is not the point. I take my victories, big or small, when I can get them. ;o) I hope you all had a productive week and if not, there is a new week around the corner. Have a great weekend! Check out the other Link a Finish Friday Blogs.


  1. Love your tumbler quilt! Congrats on all the lovely finishes, Cheryl! Well done!